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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Prescription for Change 

The 1997-1998 Yearbook illustrates the emergence of many notice- 
able changes at the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) Campus. The 
one which appears to be of greatest immediate impact to students is 
the mandated name change of our campus to reflect the unification of 
the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the Medical Col- 
lege of Virginia. The legacy of excellence in healthcare professional 
education at the MCV campus is a feature that students are proud to 
uphold. As such, the letters known as MCV mean a great deal and it 
has been a difficult transition for students. It is also clear that VCU 
is a growing institution with a dynamic present and future. Thus, 
while the academic and medical campuses may be miles apart geo- 
graphically, the campuses have had a singular purpose, since 1968, in 
offering students educational experiences designed to prepare them 
for the real world. This mandated name change is reflected on the 
cover of the yearbook, as for the flrst time in its history, the yearbook 
cover bears the name; Virginia Commonwealth University. 

The Skull & Bones Restaurant closed its doors after serving as a 
haven for students to meet, discuss their experiences at MCV and 
forge lifelong friendships. The restaurant offered inexpensive, soul- 
satisfying fare to students, faculty, hospital staff, patients and their 
families. Famous for platters piled high with crispy onion rings and 
tangy homemade limeade.. .the Skull & Bones will be missed by all! 

The MCV Hospitals underwent a change in its management struc- 
ture. A business venture designed to ensure that MCVH can continue 
to meet the challenges of healthcare reform, maintain its reputation 
of excellence in the medical marketplace and continue to provide out- 
standing educational opportunities to healthcare students from 
across the nation and around the world. 

We have faced many challenges and changes in ourselves and in 
our lives as we have progressed towards our goals as healthcare pro- 
fessionals. We will continue to do so as we leave VCUIMCV and enter 
into the workforce. But, we must remember that whatever challenges 
we may face; whatever name our school carries; whatever changes 
that may affect us; we must remember who we are and what we repre- 
sent. It is not the ^'powers that be'' that direct our lives, we do. We 
must each write our own "Prescription for Change" and strive to make 
a difference and improve the world around us. 

Table of Contents 

Student Life 6 

Student Government Association 33 

School of Allied Health 36 

School of Dentistry 64 

School of Medicine 94 

School of Nursing 124 

School of Pharmacy 154 

Student Life, Part Two 186 

The MCV Campus 



e^i^t^ f^^ f*-^ 


1:1 l::| 

^^ J ^^ 






*:->«,, .^.^^ 



: J M 

A Change of Scenery 

Christa Ellenberger and Jenny Vobrak skiing in Canaan Pharmacy students at the Diamond. 

Two students take a break during a cross-country trek to Blowing bubbles in the Smokey Mountains, 
enjoy beautiful Arches, Utah. 

8 Stddemit Life 

^3 Sunning in Laguna Beach, M 2's at Vail during Spring 
California! Break. 

Andrew Kim, Lili Shiau, Erina Foster, Jennifer Choco and 
Felix Chen take time out from their busy schedules to 
enjoy each other's company and some spectacular scenery. 

Alvin, Morgan and Larry 
on the mountain. 

. ^ 1 

^ 1^ 


HH j^^l 


Medical Student Margaret Okonkuro 
enjoys some skiing with brother David 
Okonkuro, MD, PhD in Utah over 
Spring Break. Pictured here with the 
siblings are Tonja Palauro and Ryan 

D-98's on the river. 

10 Student Life 

Morgan hits the slopes! 

Al Weatherford (D-98) Swimming? What is he doing? 

Kathryn Miller, Sarah Josephs, Katie Laughon (M 2's) on 
Spring Break in Winterpark, Colorado. 

MCV '99 students Karin Lee and Sarjay Sharma watch 
their fellow students David Galbis, Jeff Sicat and John 
Cosca high above. 


Changing our point of view... 

(Top Row Left ) 
PT '98 students Cathy Moore 
Phil Tavolacci, Leann Mar- 
tin and Mike Richardson. 

(Top Row Right) 
4th year medical students 
Filip Banovac and Graham 
Bundy take a break from 
skiing with David Okonkuro 


Morgan and Amin. 

Christa Ellenberger and 
Trey White underwater in 

The gang's all here!! D-98 
students are seen here 
entering Jamaica for a 10- 
day volunteer dental 

12 StudenUifie 

fe jrar tm 

Mrs. Renu 
Serra, M3 with 
Lili Shiau M2, 
Chalasani M3, 
Vivian Makar 
M3, and Billie 
Blair M3. 

Han and 
Seungmi Kim's 



(Bfianofr^ Gur^oeti 




^F "/^^^^mS^^^^k 



3rd year Pharmacy 
students Susan Chien 
and Joel Giles. 

Anyone seen the 

"I have a feeling we're 
no longer in Kansas". 
April Saunders, P2. 

'(4 itudentLife 

Physical Therapy Class of 2000 as 101 daimations! 

2nd year Pharmacy students as Cleopatra and The 
Great Pumpkin. 

PT's of 1998 celebrating at MCVs Halloween Party. 
Leann Martin, Michelle Parson, Phil Tawlacci, 
Cathy Moore, Becky Sutorius and Kelli Funkhouser. 

The D-99 Spice Girls! 


Hawaii, here we come! 
(Dental and PT 

D-99 Halloween Party 

Anyone need wings? 


PT 98's all decked out 
for MCV Halloween 

Jennifer Waguespack 
(Fred) and Jennifer 
Lewis (Wilma) from 
Dental Hygiene '99 
enjoy themselves at 
the MCV Halloween 

Mike Fitzgerald, Andy Poole and Phil Tawlacci. PT The Goulish Couple. Jeff Martin and Bev Feaean 
of '98. 1997 MCV Halloween Party. P2's. -nu cev r eagan, 

M2's Mike SeemuUer (Pizza) and Jim 
Richardson (Grapes). 

Kelly Whitehurst (D-99), Kevin Skinner (D-99), and 
Michelle Parson (PT-99). 


VM»^v« V^' 



Ai\\i\%m\\\w^Mn\^b. X _^»tfll 




; \^) K-J^j K-s) Kij^j Vv>; \^) K^j K-^) K^j v^; \,^ 

K^ \<^) \s^i \<^^J K'^^J v*w*y V^^>/ V^^ V^^ \>^ vr^- ^'^^ 

6 ii i f i < 

\ /d2001 Happy Hour! • 1^ f% •^ /^l f^ ^t t^ 

ast. • • 1 f • < 

P2's Party time! 

f •\ /^. •^ /^i •^ /^. t^ /^f 

More P2's practice their party skills.*^ 

/ v^ W W v:r>' v::::^ ^^ ^ 

D-99 Christmas Party. 

PT class of '98 celebrating end of semester. 


PI students take some 
time from classes to enjoy X 
some food and fellowship. ' j i 
^^^ V^;-/ V^ 

Dental '99 students Malcolm Murray and date, Juan 
Banks and date, and classmate Tara Staehle. 

Are we having fun yet? 

4th year medical students show 
fellow classmates how to party! 

y \:^ v^^ v^:^ ^i:^ 

^^ P2's enjoying a Spring picnic. 

f% •^ 

P2 and P3 students perfect 
the art of mingling. 

11 y^ml Lif' 

/ V^ \^^ V^-y Vj^ \;w 
^ /^ ^^^ /^ 

• • 

PT of 98: celebrating end of the semester. 

Rental hygienists at the Dental '99 Christmas party. 

\ /• •N /» s^x /^ r\ /^ ^^ f^ ^ 


_y V^ V^ 

Students from the dental ^"^ 
school relax during an C ( 

afterschool get-together. , a^^. 

\k^^) v<.>/ 

Hoping to Change the World... 

Kathy Kim, (UVA/aS CLS student) 

Mary Beth Willis and Kevin Murphy (Nursing '98) teach 
nutrition and oral health to some area students. 

Lori Kedifur (D-99) during impressions week. 

24 SteideutLife 

P.I.G. Splinting and casting workshop (Mi's and M2's) 

Al Weatherford (D-98) working in 

Missy Crawford (OT '98) leads an OT cooking group. Role 
played bv Car in Gegen ('98) and Tara Harmon ('98) 

CPR Training Session 

(Below right) D-99's 
Community Dental 

Pam Nuckols, Impression 

Dental Hygiene Student Jennifer Waguespack ('99), 
cleaning suction lines. 

A Dental student perfects his craft. 

Trey White (D-98) extracting in Jamaica. 

April Short, Clinical Lab Sciences, in the lab. 

Amin, Kareen, Lauren 
and Larry at the 
Medicine Ball. 

Mary Beth Willis (Nurs^ 
ing '98) and her 
husband Jeff enjoy the 
Medicine Ball. 

Morgan and Kristine. 


M2 students get ready to 
strut their stuff at the 
Medicine Ball. 

Danny, Amin and Morgan 



^ Grange of'^une 

We give this evening 6 thumbs up 

Elaine, Dr. Messmer and Shannon at the Medicine Michelle Parson (PT 98) and Kelly Whitehurst 

Ball. (D 99). 

Heather and Danny at the Medicine Ball. 

Smhiifl Life 2?' 

Dawling..It's simply to die 

Jenny, Danny and Morgan, 

Genevieve Devara, the 
beautiful bridesmaid. 

Nursing students looking 
nice at the MCV Medicine 


32 Stiidleiil: Life 


Jeff Davis, V.P. Student 
Life and Pam Marzhan (D 

Jeff Davis 

V.P. Student Life 

Jay Buzkin, V.P. Social 
Activities and Christa 
Ellenberger (D-98) 

Not Pictured: 

Mike Stiefel 

Honor Council Chairman 

Danny Felty 





'^"'*/, n 


I, '1 

•;'3'>"i iJ 

38 Mdical 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences L V 

ck^^ of 1999^ 

Jeffrey Hall, Jr 


Jacqueline Dewell, Michele Agee, 
Catherine Wilson, Ann Marie 
Beadle and Kathy Kim. UVA 
Rotation, CLS Class of 1998. 

McGuire Veterans Hospital Kathy Kim and Ann Marie 
^\ CLS '98 students. Beadle at the party. 

Upper left: CLS '98's 
David Tran, Kathy Albor, 
Han Kim, Cyndee McNeal, 
Ruthann Balanga, Krystal 
Knabe, Fran Johnson, & 
Christine Hevier at the VA. 

Upper right: CLS '98's in 
the lab. Bottom left: April 
Short and Christine Hevier 
gear up for Bake Sale '97. 
Bottom right: Kicking 
back for the holidays. 

Upper right: CLS '98's 
Angle Marks and Lien 
Huynh, lab partners during 
Fair97. -**,^ 

Middle left: Erin Rose 

Middle right: (L to R) 

Krystal Knabe, Francesca 
Johnson, Joyce Sheridan, 
Beth Eades, Ruthann 
Balanga, and Cyndee 

Bottom left: Kathryn all 
fancied up for the MCV 
Halloween party. 

Bottom right: (L to R) 

CjTidee McNeal, Jasver 
Chahal, and Kathy Albor at 
The Party which 

, Andrew Kim, Lili Shiau, 
Erina Foster, Jennifer 

other's company and some 
spectacular scenery. 

Upper right: CLS '98 student getting some pointers from a 

Upper left: Okay, what are we doing? 

Above: Working in the lab 



Above: Fran Johnson (left) 
and Ruthann Balanga 

(right), CLS '98's. 

M 43 

Nuclear Medicine Class of 1998 

/^'■' .,«// 


^ V 


^ \\ wv 


Occupational Therapy 

c^l^^^ a^^ tQQ^ 

OT enjoying some down- 
time at Bottoms-up Pizza. 

Lower row, left to right: 

Amy Turner, Lan Van, 
Heather Turner, Paula 

Upper row, left to 
right: Christine Brown, 
Kristen Cronin, Maurisa 
Shyne, Sandra Chapman 
and Macon Dukes. 014 

't>. -- V 

Maurisa Shyne Amy Turner Heather Turner 

er Lan Van ■ 

hUM 47 


Occupational Therapy 

cIb^s oft99R 

Upper right: OT '98's 
having fun at Bottoms Up 

Above: Carin Gegen, OT 
'98, dressing for success at a 
class yard sale Looking 

Left: "Santa" Al Copolillo, 
OT professor, Brenda 
Flory (OT '98) and Ryan 
Ericsson (OT '98) are 
front and center during 
a role playing exercise. 


Georgette Bailey Cynthia Blackmore Julie Butera 

Melissa Cranford 

Wendy Dixon 

Richard Doyle Brenda Flory 

Tara Harmon 




Christi Johnson Shannon Krinock ? Martha Lee Pamela Lee 

Kelly Lov-Martinez Stacey Mcfreland-Smith Denise Messall Diane Messer 

Chad Morton Jennifer Norman Gregory Pappas Angela Perry 

Michele Ruzicka Colette Walker Steven Wasilewski Jennifer Woodward 

**Si..,;''"v-:i , w 


n ^^ II ^ Jfi/ 

Brenda Flory leads an OT cooking role play class for 
spinal cord injured patients. Joining her is Carin Gegen, 
OT '98. 

Angela Perry, OT '98. Student or patient? It's getting 
harder and harder to tell! 

f? ^ J 

OT '98 students Tara 
Harmon and Carin Gegen 
play the parts of SCI 
patients so they may 
better understand the 
obstacles SCI patients 

Marti Lee and Elise Vital, How big was it? Diane 
^'^ '9S- Messer, Missy Crawford, 

Tara Harmon and Brenda 
Flory declare that women 
rule at Pictionary! 

Angela Perry, Lisa Marchard and Missy Cranford confer 
on selecting the right equipment for their patients. 

Brenda Flory role plays an expectant mother during an 
OT parenting class. 

mM SI 

•V ^ ^^ ^IL Megen Mcnulty Keri Riddell 

52 Allied \^ ^' ^^^ ,^ ^ 

_ _ _ ^ 

Jan Sylvester 

Ashley Ware 

Robyn Young 

fj ' '\\ VkV 

Kyle, Jason and Jeff after winning an intramural Bas- 
ketball tournament game. 

PT Class of 2000 celebrating at Bottoms Up after 
finishing exams. 

"^^ .jsf'^'^'^^im^ 


Physical Therapy 

alu^^ a^ H^^^ 

Physical Therapy 

cl^s^ ai^t99R 

Becky Sutorius and Phil 
Tavolacci (PT'98) at the MCV 
Halloween Party. 

Front: Ian Davis, Jim 
Richardson, Margie Milner 
and Alice Arthur. 
Back: Liz Plummer, Riley 
Bynum, Julie Philippon and 
Phil Tavolacci. 

Kathleen Holland Kathy Klein 

>Will V /!// 

The gang's all here! FT 
Class of 1998. 



PT's of 98 celebrating the 
end of our last academic 

T/ ^1 

PT's of 1998 celebrating the end of 

Again, the celebrating! 

'4^ ^ 

PT Class of 1998 - visit to APTA Headquarters. 

Brian Monzon - doing what 
he does best! 

Jenny Grove, Tammy 
Wilhamson join Dinielle 
Lloyd for her bachelorette 

Radiation Sciences 

aQ^^ of 199k 

ll '" fl^^^l 



€4 DeiDtel 



Lindsay M. Hunt, D.D.S., Ph.D. 
Dean, School of Dentistry 


School of Dentist] 

cCa^^ of 1001 

Benjamin Anderson Sobia Bhutta 


Josh Binder 

An^V Black 

Jeffrey Bourne 




Dwight Buelow 
Roy Carter 
Sang Cho 
Gregory Cole 

Mike Crowton 
Hang Dang 
Mark Diefenderfer 
Jessica Downs 
Joseph EIrod 
Clark Finlinson 
Gibson Harrell 
Benjamin Hughes 

Tim Finkler 
Craig Johnson 
Neda Kalantar 
Trang Le 

Cheryl Lobo 
Adam Marberger . 
Kalliryn Martinez 
Richards Miller 

\ > 


\ "\ 

Niloofar Mofakhami 
Tanya Mouchahoir 
Ethan Moulton 
Russell Mullen 

Soo Mun 
Hayat Najafe 
Keith Nelson 
Trang Nguyen 
David Olson 

Maryam Saba 

Rita Shmerelzon 
Neil Snow ' ' 
••Brett Skinner 
Craig Starling 

Amy F. Stock 
Judith Stock 
Maryam Tabassian 
Michael C. Tew 



Anthony Tomlinson " 

Alice Wilhelm 

Chang Yi 

Todd and Ms. Texas, Amy Black. You go, Todd!!! 

Good oral hygiene is the key to success. Smile! 

Hear No Evil 
See No Evil 
Speak No Evil 



Bunny ears and 
ice skating... 
a great combo 
for fun. 

A post Gross Anatomy party. Drink up, ya'll. 

First-year dental students come together. 


School of Dentistry 

Jki^ of 2000 

Brandy and Dave 
get down! 

Troy Yates and Jeff Norregard kayak 
their stress away. 

Jagjit Ahuja Moutaz Abdeen Timathy Breeden Brad Cherry Jared Chisholm 

Jamey Crichton 

Quyen Dao 

Mike Fernandez 

Daren Gehring 

72 Deiftal 

Rama Goswami 
Rashmi Goswami 
Monica GuUiksen 
John Han 

Bill Harper 
Kurt Haselman 
Jason Hess 
Mark Huie 

David Hunt 
Mahnaz Jalali 
Kerry Janssen 
Treacy Jones 
Jof Kl-ialU 
Chris Kirkup 
""•Matthew Lyerly 
Ron Mamrick 

Pamela Marzban 
Kirk Mazelerove 
Kenneth McGee 
Nkitseng Moje 


Peter Morchie 
Shah M. Nawaz 
Ashley Nichols 
Tuong Van Nguyen 

Jeff Norregard 
Rick Nydegger 
Ben Overstreet 
Richard Patterson 
Anh Pham 
Hana Pham 
Leila Saba 
Robert Semtner 

Kevin Snow 
Cynthia Southern 
Bryan Spurrier 
Jennifer Staas 

Eli Swery 
Justin .Tobias 
Allie Tran 
Jamey Watson 



74 Depital 

That cannot be good for your 

David Hughes, 
member of the class 
of 1999, with his 
buddies after the 
With him, from left 
to right, are 
Andrew Meiller, 
VCU student; Dave 
Kirk, D-2; Derek 
Galatro, 1997grad; 
and Jeff Davis, D-4. 


\\\ I, 

School of Dentist] 

a^ajss off99^ 

Meshal Al-Dhabeb Brian Alexander Hane Al-Mazeedi Husain Aishemali Holy Andersen 

Gary Ashton David Atachnowicz James Bonny Zamir Bortman Preston Burns 

Jfi Dental 

Rhonda Carrow 
Barbara Casey 
Sarah Chambers 
Tripp Davis 

Surva Dhakar 
Joseph Dobson 
Jeremy Ellis 
Margaret Facenda 

Tian Fei 
Wanda FHim 
Randy Foy 
Jen Galatro 

Chris Guaquie 
David Hughfes " 
"^Paula Hughes 
Kieu Le 

Jin Lee 

Roberta Lynch 
Bryan Kreeb 
Corey Mazer 


Jennifer Mueller 
Darren Phipps 
Kate Rantz 
Lori Redifer 

Emmanuel Scordalakes 
Shawn Scott 
Mohammed Shammari 
Joseph Siragosa 

Kevin Skinner 
Krvin Spillane 
Tara Strehle 
Edward Thomason 

Cindy Vu 

Neal Webster 

Kelly Whitehurst 

Michael Williamson 

Daug Ligon 

D.J. Emmanuel Scordalakes and 
date appear ready for a night of 
moonlight and music! 

Dr. Koertge demonstrates_the fine art of turkey 
bowling to his. class. Nice form, doctor! 

Kevin Skinner ("Mr. 
Freeze"), wins grand prize 
for his costume at the '97 
Halloween Party. 

Runner-up Nidk ("Crash 
Dummy) poses with L. 

David Hughes, winner of the pumpkin carving 
contest. J. \ 

Dr. Butler at the pumpkin carving contest... (jO, Dr. 
Butler GO! Go, Dr. Butler GO! ^ 

David Ligon, "Nasty Spice' 
kicks it up. 

Upper right: D-99's 

socializing Do we ever go 

to class?! 

Middle right: Is this 
where we are supposed to 
go fishing for good grades? 
Middle left: Flashing those 
Pepsodent smiles. 
Lower left: Multi- 
tasking... Chugging and 
eying the camera at the 
same time. 
Lower right: 

Prosthodontist residents Cbn 
left) and J. Banks, D-99, 
thinking about life beyond 
the daily grind. 

M Oem&l 

Upper right: D-99's with really, really 
BIG hair. 

Upper left: George and Teresa Pollard 
getting carried away on theif \^ding day! 
Lower right: D-99's smiling the night 
away at a Christmas party. , 

Lower left: More fun during the 
holidays. ;.';.. Are we posed, er poised, or 

School of Dentistry 

cCb^^ of199K 

Trey White (D-98) hanging 
out in the clear blue waters 
of Jamaica. 

Is it Halloween or a Grateful 
Dead Reunion? 

Kristin Bowling Amanda Brown Dan Cassidy David Chamberlain Fred Connor 

Frederick Coots 

Richard Cottrell 

Jason Crisis 

Jeffrey Davis 

Matthew Dollar 

M Dental 

Gretchen Drees 
Sean Ferguson 
Robert Galbreath 
Fadel Ghuloum 

Upper left: Hanging out in Lower left: Christa 


Upper right: Al 

Weatherford (D-98) taking 
the plunge. ^ 

Middle left: To snorkle or 
-not to snorkle. 

EUenberger (D-98) waving 

Lower right: Christa and 
Kelly Bussey in Jamaica. 

Upper right: Susan Luong 

and Jeff Davis (D-98's) Lower left: D-98's Lee, 

ddnce it up. 

Utiper leftii,^ Dan Cassidy 
(D-98) gets dressed up as 
"Sparkle" at, the Richmond 
Science Museum. 

Jay,"^, and Trey. 

Lower right: Haley 
Daniels, fiancee', and D- 
Trip Davis having fun. 

Dental Hygiene 


<7/a^« oft999 

Paula Hughes and Amy Wilkins (DH-99's) 
writing up patient histories for a DH class. 

;?'■■ -.^biai^^* ^ ^:>^ 


Jennifer Waguespack. Sima Patel 

Layda Calimlim Jenny Cantwell. 

Sherry Caraveo 


Dental Hygiene students 
having fun!!!!! 

Below: DH-99 students (left Amy Bass, and Yodit 
to right) Paula Hughes, Chebssi posing for the 

Jennifer Waguespack, Amy cameras. 
Wilkins, Sima Fatal, Thai- 
An Lam, Elaine Carraras, 


Above: Elaine Carraras 
with Roger at Halloween 

Above: DH-99 students 
looking a little too authen- 
tic, with Amy Bass as 
Dorothy and Paula Hughes 
as the Wicked Witch of 

Below: Jennifer Hanson for a'^^illing from instruc 

(the UNDISgOVERED one) tors, 
with Amy Ba^s preparing 

Below: Working away in switch and crank up the ^ 

Lab. "Quick, Igor, throw the nitrous oxide. NOW!" 

Abpve: Yodit Chebssi (left) Right: There she is, Ms. 
and Thai-An Lam preprare Photogenic, DH-99 Paula "> , 
for a busy day. Hughes smiles for the s, 


W Medial 


Dr. Heber H. Newsome 
Dean, School of Medicine 


Mariana Abraham J. Rebecca Adleman David Adler 

Rakesh Agarwal Puneet Aggarwal 

Linda Alexander 

Jason Arthur 

Rlionda Barksdale David Maxwell Barrett 

J. Paige Beattie 
Raymond Bishop 
Joseph S. Borus 
Erin Bosher 

Joseph A. Brown 
Nhu Loan Buituong 
Steve Caldwell 
Amy Cenedella 

Shirley Chai 
I-wen Chang 
Tyler Chapin 
Catherine Chen 

David Chen 
Hung-Chuan Cheng 
Kim Carol Clements 
Christie Cooksey 

John F. Cornell 
Michael D'Angelo 
Tamara Faye Davis 
Wes David 

Shabhada Dhage 
Elizabeth Dorset 
Christopher Duncan 
Gan Dunnington 

Lisa EUis 
Katie Emler 
Alexander Faynshteyn 
Jon Finan 

Rajat Fofaria 

Robert Franklin 

Joubin Gabbay 

Alessandro de Alarcon 
Emily DeBord 

Eliot DeSilva 

Kelly R. del Campo 

Kimberely Dennis 

Rishi Garg 
Amit Gogia 
Murliya Gowda 
Adam Gray 

MeifQl W 

Pityush Gupta 
Danielle Gutterman 
Chas HaU 
Allan Hardy 

Kia E. Karkless 
Chad Heatwole 
Timothy Hellewell 
M. Potter Henderson 

Scott Hickey 
Cindy Eun Hong 
Alex Hongkham 
Steve Hospodar 

Michael Keu-Ying Hsieh 
I-Hua Huang 
Yanick Isaac 
Bonnie Jacobs 

Dee Jerez 
Christine M. Jones 
Theresa Jones 
Rajan A. Kada Kia 

100 Medial 

John Kiluk 
Krishna Kishor 
Leonid Klopoukh 
William M. Konitsky 

Brian Krakover 
Chris Krebs 
Leah Kroeger 
Tim Lapham 

Vicki Bernice Latham 
Catherine Lavoie 
Yosefa Lebeau 
Katrina Lesher 
Turner Lewis 
David Liao 
Tammy Lockweed 
Njira Lucia Lugogo 

Robert Conrad McAllister 
Conan McDonough 
Gopal Mahadevan 
Deborah Manning 

SeiQii 1ft1 

Carlie Martin 
Jennifer Masden 
Surabhi Mehrotra 
Stephen Messner 

Kristie Mitchell 
Susan J. Mitchell 
Troy M. Mitchell 
Shrita Mittal 

Vinita Mohan 
Randall Morris 
Davis Moss 
Dean Munnell 

Troy Myers 
Hang Nguyen 
Van H. Nguyen 
Eric Oberlander 

Dionne Otey 

Ghislaine Laissa Ouedraogo 

Nancy Pandhi 

Miten R. Patel 

102 Medical 

Payal M. Patel 

Alice Payne 

Kevin I^eacock 

Richard Charles Peebles, ]r. 

Laura Fendlebury 
Daniel Phillips 
Laura Pine 
Mitchell Pleacher 

Jason Petocki 
Stephen Quiim 
Tamara Raubitshek 
Meera Ravindranathan 

William Reed 
Thomas C. Robertson 
Aria Sabit 
Kimberely W. Sanford 

Albert Sang 

Constantine Scordalakes 

Keith Scott 
Shahrzad Shareghi 
Vladislav Shick 
Lawrence David Singer 

Jeff Singley 
Richard Singleton 
Omolara L. Smith 
Samuel Sohn 

Carter L. Starr 
David Steinbruner 
Dave Stewart 
Victoria Tai 
Ashley Thompson 

Stephanie Trost 

Kafui V. Tsikata 

Samuel D. Turner 

Kevin Vogeley 

m MediMl 

Seaborn M. Wade, III 
Kimberely Walker 
Matthew J. Webber 
Chris Wells 

Brian Wolf 
Karen C. Wright 
David Yao 
Christina Yeamans 

Chris Zacko 
Ken Zelenak 
Lee Zeiszler 

l«9(iQl 165 

Sandy Carty 

Prem Chahal 

Jason Cille 

m Medical 

James Cocco 

Christina Cox 

Kimberly Curseen 

Dani Darter 
Clifford Deal 

Henry Do 

Karla Dorsey 

Fitzgerald Drummond 

Veronica Dubrovskaya 

Betfiany Elliott 

Alexander Ellis 

Lisa Enders 
Terry Fairbanks 

Chris Foerster 

Dorothy French 

Alison Garb 

James Gosney, Jr. 
Munish Goyal 
George Harocopos 
Laura Hasson 

Sonya Heath 
Rebecca Henry 
Jason Highsmith 
Cindy Hong 

Jeffrey Hoag 
Jodie Horton 
Consuela Hunt 
Torino Jennings 

Chris Johnson 
Jeffrey Katz 
Patrick Kenney 
Neelem Kharod 
Arnold Kim 
Jean Kim 
Virginia Kladder 
Katie Laughon 

Marsha Lee 
James Lin 
Tammy Lockwood 
Birgitta McCulloch 

VM Meical 

Andrew Magnet 
April Mair 
Jennifer Meade 
Mona Mehrotra 

Amy Messier 
Aye Min 

William Newcomb 
Brutt Newsome 

Van-anh Nguyen 
Anna Park 
Badrish Patel 
Kathleen Paul 
Kevin Peacock 
John Phillips 
Julian Pierce 
Evan L. Rosenfield 

Brian Ruthlisberger 
Egbert Saavedra 
Philbert Saavedra 
Azodi Sadr 

Medical IDS' 

LuUa Sonjeev 
Vlad Shick 
Laura Schobitz 
Michael SeemuUer 

Phage Shubhada 
Harjot Singh 
Amy Skorupa 
David Sun 

Rachel Swartz 
Lori Sweeney 
Heath Thornton 
Toni Tildon 
Mark D. Townsend 
Annemarie TuU 
Mark Vaughn 
Chad Venne 

Amy Wilborn 
Imani Williams 
Rosemonde Wool 
Kabir Yousuf 


Paul Barongan 

Renee' Brown Melissa A. Buettner Melissa Byrne 

Neal H. Carl 

112 Medical 


Shannon Carpenter 
Pamela R. Carrington 
Timothy Carroll 
Rebekka Cliristie 

Wayne Chang 
David Cho 
J. Chris Connaughton 
Alan DeAngelo 

Jill K. Denny 
Lucia Donatelli 
Richard K. Downs 
Matthew DuMont 
Dorothy Pedis 

Tami J. Poimtain 

Charles Glass 

Tonya L. Hardy 
Neda Hashemi 
Marrelyn Hawkins 
William C. Hope, IV 
Kevin Largen 

ical 113 

Tiffini R. Lucas 
Katherine G. Menk 
Kinloch Nelson 
Rebecca Ogar 

Kimberly T. Oshirak 
Tonja Palauro 
Ellen M. Palen 
Cordell V. Preciado 
Seema Qureshi 
Elaine Reale 
Alvin L. Reaves, III 
Maria Reyes 

James Khatcheressian 
Dawn Roseblum 
Jane L. Rozycki 
Tinea Savage 

Gary W. Schlichter 
David Schorr 
Rebecca Sentman 
Ross Sugar 

114 Miediol 

Rebecca Summitt 
Huong Thai 
Robert Tribuzio 
David Whiddon 

Madher Chalasani Kristin Giannini Matthew Harrison George Hong William Houck 

116 Medical 

David Kagey 
Michael Lin 

Christopher von Elton 

James WiUiams 
John Keddy Wilson 

tedira! 117 

School of Medicine 

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 




R. Black well Smith, 


Medlkal 121 






■ lA 

.' y 


' \ y^i 





:-i r-!,— 





■^•5 Me4 







Biig 125 

Nancy F. Langston, R.N., Ph.D. 

Dean and Professor 

School of Nursing 

Dear Students and Soon-to-be-Graduates, 

Realizing your goal of becoming a nurse or completing the program for a new academic 
credential in your chosen profession is truly an exciting time! 

The 1990's have been chaotic years for health care. In light of the economic, social and 
political forces that have become more visible in shaping the nature of the system, the 
future seems unpredictable. As you view these changes, however, you should feel optimis- 
tic about your place within whatever structure emerges. It is clear that now, as never 
before, nurses and nursing are being viewed as knowledge workers. No longer are we 
viewed as doers who happen to think, but rather as thinkers who happen to do. 

You are among the best educated nurses in a system which now understands the impor- 
tance of an educated workforce. The ever-changing world awaits you ~ step forward and 
claim your rightful place as invaluable members of the health care team.. 

Best Wishes, 
Dean Langston 


Rundolph Atienza Stacy Brinkley Trina Broache Trisha Campbell Anthony Carandang 

Thomas Caswell Kristen Chaffins Teddy Cordero Rosalind Delisser Wendy Evans 

Alex Feria 
Jaclynn Hauman 
Liz Howland 
Adanech Lemma 
Kam Lester 
Janice Manaio 

Stephanie Neatrouc 

Ted Pagulayan 

Heather PeU 

Dorathy Gibson Pitts 

Erica Sampson 

Chris Savage 

Jennifer Smith 

Carol Spittle 

Daniel Stone 

Anjan Vijay 

Kelly Yeatts 

128 Hmm§ 

School of Nursing 

cIb^^ 0f^i999^ 

1997-1998 Junior Class Officers 

Susan Bassett April Baum 

Leslie Bradley Burke Nykisha Brooks Toni Cagni 

Jennifer Carter Lee Anne Carroll Jaime Congable Kenna Dorish Karen Esterline 

'Miiim, 1 2?' 

Jennifer Gerber-Murphy 
Valendez (Jore 
Lloyd Gray 
Jill Grumbine 
Ann Hardy 
Cynthia Harder 
Tiffany Harris 
Susan Heller 

Michele Heny 
Laura Jones 
Rebecla Lord 
April Paulson 

Rebecca Perzanowki 
Dru Riddle 
Janet Scher 
Grace Silverstein 

Julie Sutton 

School of Nursing 

cCass af199R 

The Times They Are A-Chain-ging: The countdown to graduation begins with 
the hanging of a "100 days to graduation chain". 

Crystal Aigner 
Senior Class President 

Victor Uempsey 

Senior Class Vice-President 

Crystal Aigner 

Tamee Beaver 

Noel Boyer 

Michelle Burfoot 

Dawn CuUison 

Victor Dempsey Michael Durkin Carol Eichel Jessica Holland Janet Jingluski 

yirsiisg B1 

From left to right: Jen Weiss, Susan Hall, Joyce Wei, Bronnie Lewis, and Mary Beth 
Willis with Lisa Webster and Vic Dempsey observing from the back. 
What IS that on Joyce's forehead? Someone might need some medical attention and 
nursing care. Any nurses around? 

Bronwen Lewis 

Christy Moore Keven Murphy Amy Stevens Elaine Tinsley 

Joyce Wei 

Jennifer Weiss Mary Beth Wilhs 

Traci Woolwine 

Susan ZilHox 

Vi7. Pufsing 

So, how far away do we have to park? And where is that 

TAILGATE!!! Senior nursing students Amy and Jessica party 
with their friends. Strike a pose, Jes! 

Caprice "Alex Trebeck" Fuller asks you to put 
that in a form of a question. 

Smiles and 
laughter from 
Elaine, Mary 
Beth, Joyce, and 
Tamee at the 
ceremony for 
Sigma Theta Tau. 
Mary Beth and 
Kerry Sondej 
(unable to attend) 

Hanging out in the 
Nursing Education Building!! 

The emergency exits are located conveniently on the left 
and right wings of the building. Your desks can be used as 
flotation devices. YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS, (above) 

Web surfing in the School of Nursing computer lab with 
April Wright, Joyce Wei, and Stephanie Williams (above),] 

The new flag. Joyce, Mary Beth, Sue Haddock, and Elaine 
"Bunny" Tinsley flock together for warmth, (above) 

Traci and Bronnie laugh about the importance of food ^^ 
being a social lubricant (above) 

In the modern, high-tech room 
317, Dawn, Susan, and Kara 
McDowell settling down for 
yet another THREE hour 
lecture about the nursing 
process. So little tmie... 
so much to learn. 













Lynda Antone wants to 
know.. .is it over yet? 

NEB 100.. .the center of the universe according to these nursing students. From left to 
right: Traci; Sandy Macon, A-2D student; Elaine, Liz Waring, Leslie Talley, and Lisa 
Webster hang out at the Spring 1998 Welcome Back Shin-dig sponsored by the NSA. 


Toilet paper is definitely needed here. 
Jessica, Amy, and Michael take a break 
fi-om studying, (left) 

Kara "excuse me, I have a 
problem with this" 
McDowell ponders about 
life and role as student. 

The perfect way to be spending 
a Friday afternoon. To nap or 
not to nap, that is the question. 
Nap, it is! (below) 

Sue and Jen prepare the goodies for the NSA 
Welcome Back Get-Together for the spring 
students, (left) Susan pets Sugar while on a 
weekend get-a-way in Sandbridge. (below) 


Kara and Sue in Sandbridge, Virginia, getting their 
morning shower. 

Senior nursing student, Michelle Burfoot, with her 
husband, Rick and newborn son, Frank. 

Stephanie, Leigh Taylor, and Joyce at the end of the 
Waste Water Treatment Tour...ahhh, the James River. 


Destination: Atlanta for the 15th Annual NSNA 
Mid-Year Conference. The roadtrip to Atlanta is put 
on hold due to a flat tire. Michelle Burfoot starts 
the process, while Keven Murphy and Beth Bassett 
look on. Tamee helps jack up the car. 

With the help of Mike, the mechanic, our travellers are 
back on the road from their pitstop in South Carolina. 
From left to right: Tamee, Joyce, Mike, Michelle, and 
junior nursing student, Karen Esterline. 

iBS Nurang 

Slight detour... TA-DA!!! All hail.. .the Adidas outlet 
in South Carolina. 

FINALLY... we have reached our destination. Watch out 
Atlanta!! (right) 


Michelle, Karen, Keven and Tamee discuss the 
morning events during a break. 

Michelle takes some time out from the convention to 
work on a paper. 


FimiNG YOi 


What is your niche? 

Junior Karen Esterline asks the author to sign her 

MCV students Jeff Harris, 
Ted Pagulayan and Beth 
Bassett with nursing 
students from Arizona 
State University. 


Wild Woman Kara hurling into the ocean at 

Lynda Antone (background) and Sue Haddock. 

If I cram anymore my head will explode! 

Kara Mcdowell at False 
Cape Park Wildlife Refuge. 

mnetecH kptnAtcA ntntty 

142 Nuir^ifig 


Lisa Webster and Jen Weiss at the Water Treatment 
plant. Don't jump, Jen!! 

The students in the elevator sure look happy! Is that 
because class is over and it's time to go home? 

John Martin helping set-up 
for a class luncheon. 

Sam Malone in his younger days. 

I hope they don't call me "Norm" vv^hen I walk in... 


Susan Hall, John Martin and Tamee Beaver participate ii 
a "Nurse Jeopardy" exam review session. 

Keven Murphy demonstrates some materials that he is selling on behalf of the 
Student 'Nursing Association to fellow students Jennifer, Michelle and Tamee. 

At an on-site lecture, nursing students learn more about 
the communities they will be serving. 

Students take notes during an exam review class. 

Students mingle before class and discuss their 
plans for the upcoming semester break. 

Will it ever end? 

Lifie beyond Nursing.... 

Friends gathered to 
celebrate the marriage of 
Crystal Aigner. All our best 
wishes to Crystal and her 

Jen Weiss, Noel Boyer and 
Sue Haddock vie for the 
bridal bouquet of Jennifer 

Keven and Jennifer Murphy, January 3rd, 1998 

Dawn Cullison with her husband Bob and 
children Kristi and Robbie. 

Above: Michelle Burfoot's new son Frank. 

Left: Sue Haddock looking on as son, Chris, mugs for the 

"T T" 

Elaine Tinsley, with daughter Ariel, floating in a gondola in Venice, Italy. 

SON Faculty 

Nancy F., Langston, R.N., Ph.D. 
Professor and Dean, School of Nursing 

Janet B. Younger 
Associate Dean 

Mary Jo Grap, 
R.N., C.C.R.N., 

Senior Class 

Rita Jabowoski 

Kathleen J. Sawin, 

Anne H. Boyle, R.N. 

Laura Meeks Festa, R.N., 

Nancy L. McCain, DSN, 
R.N., MSN 

Haidee F. Waters, R.N. 

Sandy Venegoni, R.N. 

Ann Pryor, R.N., MS, 

1« Nirsiiw, 

Esther Tesh, R.N., P.N.P., Ph.D. 

Edward Kardos Trudy Clark 

Susan White, B.S., M.S. 




The instructors at the VCU/MCV School of Nursing are among the finest in the country. 
Many of the faculty are involved in conducting research, publishing, public service and 
clinical practice in addition to their teaching responsibilities. By setting the standard for 
nursing, in creating a vision of excellence and self-involvement, the faculty serve as 
exemplars to the students. Unable to picture all of the faculty here, the students wish to 
extend their appreciation to all staff and faculty for their hardwork and dedication. 

Mo;t L/keLy to; 

Jpcak at fUe SOfU AvM^^aL AL^/>^y%i Co«fcKeK%cc: Jeininifer Weiff 

Co/^e >^p voitti ovaji^ ^^u.^';i^^'5 tl^eoi^y: Mai^y Betk Willii 

Bcco/^e dea^ o^ VCU/MCV kUooL of Wv/fri^N-^". CKyffal Ai<3»%ei' 

CU2>^<^e c^yeev aftec T/K/t yeai^ a; a ^-e-^irtefeo! kNyKe-. Beth Baffett 

Ma^/y a patic^^t•. Joli« Ma/tM 

Bccor^e faculty at tt»c VCU/MCV kl^ooL of Nui^/i^N'^: Jew*%ifiBK Wei;; 

iM up a ;ki bv/^ "/►% CoLo/ado'. Janet Ji»»"3U;ki 
Be teac^eeV pet-. JoKw Mai^tiw 

Ma^•^-y a olocto/-. (>/zaMMe Bkowm; 

KiLL a oloctof". Michelle Bi/Kftot 

iM ^f> o^^ tKc ^/atio^^aL it^^Wen Jolnr» Maj^tiw 

iave tiae vookU: jennifeK Wei;; 

150 Nufsiiniij 

6e;t «oeb (^J^^fen Joyce Wei ^'ij^eif p^■oca;ti^^ato^-". JtepI* WiUia/^; 

Jr^a^tert: Mafy Betk Willif B./;ieft: ClMS Of 1118111 

Life i; /^o;t Like a foap open-. ALea fawfa 

f^K%y%ie;t: Joyce Wei 

Mo;t oKcjaKsized-. Ary Jteve«; 

Look; be;t i>% ttie ;tyLi;^ ;cUooL ^^^'ifo^-r^-. Jokr* MaK-ti»« 

Mo;t lacLpA^L: Joyce Wei 

Mo;t p^-^cj|e^^t ;tude«t-. Tar^ee Beaver 

Lea;t pK^^dci^t Jtv-deKNt: Mickael P«i^ki»« 

Pafty A^^i/-«aL•. Jeffica Holla»»ol 

Clon!ie!f'. Ta/-«ee Beaver 

Mo;t ta^-dly: Lira A»»fti»» 

Next "Opi^aU'': Jtepka»»ie WiLlia/->; 

Martei' of tect»^soLo<;)y: Joyce Wei 

Mo;t av^aL retei^tive: Ta/->ee SeaveK 

siirs IS 

School of Nursing 
Graduate Program 


Allison Berrey 

Kimberly Jones 

Belinda Booker Jennifer Collawn Daphne Ewards 

Lisa Krieg Emily Levinson 

Jane Henley 

Sandra Macon 

Faith Piechowiak William Wax Ynette Wilson 

154 Pfiarmag. 


Phamacy 1S5 

Victor A. Yanchick 
Dean of Pharmacy 



Melissa Brown Heather Boswell Wesley Blankenship Noelle Beltran Juanita Baer 


Jennifer Handy 
Susan Handy 
Kristine Hatley 
Dale Hawthorne 

Peery Heldreth 
Amanda Hearne 
Dana Hoang 
Yen Hua 

Ellen James 
Seth Jennings 
Christopher Jones 
Joseph Kuplec 

Keith Kiedrow 

JJyan Lane 

My Linh Do 

Belind Lovelace 

Eleanor Lunasirt***'^'' 
Scott Mckinney 

\msa 159 

Lianna Nguyen 
Nicole Paolini 
Angie Passero 
Shelley Petin 
Tina PhQlips 
Sherrie Pittman 
Marquel Price 
Denise Quan 

Heather Raddin 
Austin Rainey 
Wes Rainey 
Kachelle Riley 

Rene Robert 
Deborah Root 
Sarah Schuster 
Elizabeth Sadis 

Vanita Sharma 
Leon Shea 
Deanna Sherman 
Shirif Mitry 

P-1 Students know how to have a 
good time! 

162 ¥hmm^i-i. 

/M" 1 

Pharmaicf 165 

School of Phaimacy 

cIb^^ of 1000 

Brian Donovan 

la Plhamaqf 

Taunas Tatem 

Marian Vaden 

Ann Williams 




Cynthia Williamson 



relax after the Fall picnic. Does one of these students 
live in a "van down by the river?". 

Angela Cafiero and Beth Ellis. Is that really 7-up? 

Kim Howden, Ricky Stogdan and Sue Fisher in a clinch 
at a party this semester. 



170 IPtjarmac5f 

Brian Donovan, Jeff Martin and Dan 
Pa5Tie man the grills at the Fall Picnic. 

Brian Donovan. IT'S GOOD!!! 

The "New" Mr. and Mrs. Jones 


X ^ Back - Ehsa Pak 

Right - Cyndi Lam ' ''^^ 

irmacv 171 

174 Pharmacy 



^' xr ¥^ 

Pharmacy 175 

School of Pharmacy 

^k$^ oft9m 

Cathleen Treama, Jen Peters 
and Renee' Umberger. 


Chris Ashby Gordon Atkins 

Terry Bass 

Donna Boyd 

Jennifer Edwards 

Nancy Eldin 

Joy Evans 

Dawn Faulkner 

176 Plharma 

/U>-^ Xv 


Faith McKeone 
Martin Messerian 
Laura Newbanks 

Piiuong-Tino Nguyen 
Thuy 'Nguyen .f^ 
Yen Nguyen 
Funmi Oduolowu 

Ted Palat 

. I 

Jennifer Petcen 

George Pollard 

Theresa Pollard / 

Carrie Porterfield 

Heather Sanderson 


Gayle Slifka 

Joan Sok 

Lidia Sudol 
Leyla Suer 
* Melissa Ta turn 

Cathleen Treanol 

178 i^riarmacy 


' >. \^x Sf^ 




Cathleen Treanor, 
Renee Umberger 
and Carrie ^^ 
I Porterfield. A 

V^ — 


Kappa Epsilon, Pharmacy 
fraternity, Spring '97 in 
front of MCV's Larrick 
Center. f^ 


A]ih...the great outdoors 

180 Pharmacy 

Carnie Porterfield and 
Renee Umberger are 
dressed to kill. 

Kappa Epsilon National Convention, Summer, '97 

Grace Chen and Joel Wallace take a moment to 
pose for the camera before an elegant evening out 
on the town.. 

Lori Baird and Donna Boyd . Alright, who called who 
and suggested the stripes? 


V'^Hiarmacf 1S1 f 


»^ Vumaqy 183 



I, — r t 

A. Ph. A. Annual Meeting in L.A. 

Left to right: Audrey Rector, Joel Wallace, Dean Yanchick, 
Sue Fisher, Grace Chen and Susan Ford. 



Kappa Epsilon Car Wash, Fall, 1997. P2's and P3's. 

184 Ptsanmaqf 


m Stiid«nit Life 

^eme ^eegle Will Cfiarge &ur 

Smimt Life IS? 

Swdeffi [Life 189 

1% Studlert Life 


Studert Life 191 

192 StadertLife 

^ome JPeeole IflDf// (^ange Gur ^tues Toreuer„ 

^ome JPefigife IflDf// Change Gur ^tues Woreuer.. 

1% Stodert Life 

Thank You 

We would like to thank several people for their 
help with this year's yearbook. First, we would 
like to thank Tina Kariotakis from the Josten's 
Yeartech company. Tina proved to be a valuable 
asset and was a great help to us in preparing this 

Secondly, and most importantly, we would like to 
thank Mr James Miller, our yearbook adviser and 
Student Activities Director He and his staff bent 
over backwards to make sure we had everything 
we needed to complete this yearbook. 

Lastly, we would like to thank all the students that 
submitted photos. The yearbook would not have 
been possible without you! 

Thank you all. 

Susan Zilliox 

Mary Beth WiUis 
Assistant Editor 

Joyce Wei 
Assistant Editor 

Left: James Miller 

Student Activities Director 

Wwnri tfte Editors.... 

The year of 1998 promises to be full of many changes. We graduate. We 
move on to our long awaited careers. We begin our roles as healthcare 
professionals. We say goodbye, but not farewell, to friends and colleagues 
met along the journey. We take with us rich experiences of our education 
at the MCV Campus of VCU, and with this, a broadened vision of the future 
of healthcare. 

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my husband, Steve. I simply 

could not have made it through, not only the daunting task of completing 
^--^^ this yearbook, but these last several, difficult, financially-draining, exhaust- 

,;^ I ing years without his love and support. I would like to recognize my kids; 

~\^^ -"-^ Steven, Chris and Bobbie. They are all great kids and it has been hard for 

them not having Mom around all the time. They have always been 

supportive and I hope I have made them proud! 

I would like to thank Marybeth and Joyce for their help in compiling the 
yearbook. Also, a special thanks goes to my friend, Kara McDowell. Kara 
was always there to listen to my whining and complaining and was a good 
friend to me throughout my years at MCV. 

Susan E. Zilliox 

Thanks to my husband, Jeff. We made it!! 

Marybeth Willis 
Assistant Editor 

Thanks to the Atlanta Road Trip Crew for all of the laughter and photo- 
graphs, Aaron, Marybeth, and Susan. 

Joyce Wei 
Assistant Editor 

(^ongrQiulotms te oil i9)9S (s^roduotes^ 

To tftese &(f uou ix/^o fia^e uette QrQduQte...udur time will ceme] 

198 StiideM Life 

1% aydeM Imr